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The Wethered Shaft

the Wethered shaft

The original ‘Geevor Tin Mines, Ltd’ which was established in 1911 used the shaft near the entrance with the prominent wooden headgear as their main access to the mine.

 The shaft was named Wethered Shaft after Oliver Wethered, one of the directors. The sinking of the Chairman of Geevor Tin Mines Ltd, Oliver Wethered.

The Wethered Shaft was the main production centre of Geevor until the development of Victory Shaft in 1919.   The focus of the mine gradually moved downslope and by World War II the Wethered Shaft site was becoming less important.

The Wethered shaft is in three compartments, it was designed to be used for hoisting and pumping, and was cut to intersect the southern extension of the Pig Lode. Work on shaft sinking had stopped below the 6th level during World War II, extending to a depth of 800ft, 243.84 metres, and after the sinking of Victory Shaft little further development was undertaken. In 1923 it was decided to concentrate all ore haulage at Wethered, men and materials to be raised at Victory Shaft, but mine reports indicate that Wethered Shaft had become idle by the early 1930's. By 1944, hauling at Wethered Shaft was officially abandoned with the introduction of cages at Victory Shaft, though Wethered Shaft remained in occasional use until at least 1955, when it was still being used for pumping and as a second exit from the mine.

Wethered Shaft is still open, and connected to the mine ventilation system. The headgear collapsed in high winds in 2000/2001 and was reconstructed in summer 2002.


Wethered Shaft engine house

The winding engine house contained the winder itself as well as the compressors for the shaft. The electric hoist had been installed by 1919. The winder was in use until 1944. The southern elevation faces the headgear and would originally have sited the ropeways to the sheave wheels, though these cannot any longer be seen.


Photograph reproduced with the kind permission of P Ross held by the Geevor Archive

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Comment left by Polo on 2011-03-11 22:16:56

The full length of Wethered Shaft was maintained and in use from surface to 8 Level until the 1986 mine closure.

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