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Other Hard Rock Metal Mining Areas in Britain

Hard Rock sign in orange copyright Pat Comber

Copper Mining Sites

Copper mining was relatively widespread in the United Kingdom but only Parys Mountain in Anglesey, Wales seriously challenged Cornish production. The copper was mainly extracted by opencast methods which created a spectacular mining landscape. The Great Orme at Llandudno in Wales is an important prehistoric mining site. There are also Welsh copper mining sites in Cardiganshire and Snowdonia.

 In the Lake District, copper mines were developed in the seventeenth century and worked on a large scale during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, powered principally by water.   Ireland also had significant prehistoric copper mines and produced copper well into the 19th century.

Lead and Zinc Mining Sites

Lead and zinc mining in the United Kingdom shared a number of technologies with Cornish mining, water-power for pumping, ore-processing technologies and, though on a much smaller scale, steam-pumping. Lead and zinc were mined extensively in the North Pennines, and lead in the Peak District; where Cornish engine houses can be found.  In central England it was mined in Shropshire, notably at Snailbeach and Tankerville. In the south lead was mined mostly in the Mendip Hills, Somerset, where evidence of Roman mining exists. Lead was also mined in all the Welsh counties. Water-power predominates but steam-power was adopted, using Cornish engines, particularly in the Flintshire/ Denbighshire mines.   Wanlockhead in Scotland and Laxey on the Isle of Man were also significant sources of lead and zinc.

Photograph reproduced with the kind permission of Pat Comber


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Comment left by cheesycheese! on 2009-10-06 17:26:25

It would be good if u told us some more things that u can mine, for example copper.

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