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Geevor Tin Mines Ltd

entrance to Geevor Tin Mines Ltd

The company, Geevor Tin Mine Ltd was formed in 1911, nearly one hundred years ago. 

But the site of Geevor had been mined for hundreds of years before this. By the 18th century there were a large number of underground mining areas, called 'setts', on this site. The Geevor Tin Mines Ltd company combined three mines, or 'setts', together; North Levant, Geevor and Wheal Carne. Altogether that was 208 acres of mine site. This is when Geevor started modern mining on the site. In the first ten years after its formation, large investments were made in new processing facilities and mining equipment and production steadily increased.

Oliver Wethered was the Chairman of Geevor Tin Mine Ltd. The main haulage shaft was named the Wethered shaft in his honour. From 1911 until the final closure in 1990, the changing price of tin played a big role in Geevor’s success or failure and also affected the surrounding communities.


Photograph reproduced with the kind permission of the David Wills collection held by the  Geevor Archive

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