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The Mill

interior of the mill

By far the largest of all the surface buildings was the Mill.

When the ore from underground had been hoisted to the surface, it was then transferred to the Mill where it went through numerous processes to get rid of the waste rock and then separate out the tin from the other minerals. The Mill underwent numerous extensions over the years, and so the history of the development of Geevor’s mill is very complex. The present building incorporates features dating back to 1853 and those built in 1980, and have undergone major re-builds and also continuous modification and adaptation. The Mill is an essential part of any trip to Geevor. Some of the surviving machinery was cutting edge in its time and most of the sprawling complex of equipment would have run 24 hours. It is hard to imagine how noisy and busy the Mill would have been. Today it is eerily silent.


 Photograph reproduced with the kind permission of Pat Comber

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