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Mine club and Pendeen band room

the Geevor cricket team

The Social Club was the social centre of the mine where miners could retreat for a pint after their shift.

BBQs and dances were frequently held and it was a lively place on a Friday night. The Club also organized mine sports teams such as cricket, football and tug of war.   It was an important place for miners to talk and share their views, particularly during closure. It also became a meeting place for trade unions.

Previously these buildings were used as a dry, which was constructed on the Wethered site in 1919 for the rapidly-expanding mine workforce. The dry also housed the mine garage and a set of small workshops. A new dry for 500 was built near Victory Shaft in 1939, and though the Wethered dry functioned as a barracks for the Italian workforce for some time, it was eventually adapted for other uses such as the mine garage and mine social club. In 1974 this housed the maintenance garage, bandroom and store, with toilets and store to the west, store buildings and lorry garage to the east. In 1977 the club was fully refurbished as a club and band room, which was completed in 1980. During the final years of operation of the mine this building continued to serve as the band rooms for the Pendeen Silver Band, as well as the amenity shop. It has been closed up and disused since the mine closure.


 Photograph reproduced with the kind permission of Chris Elson held by the Geevor Archive

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