Rescue plans

Wheal Jane miners march in london to prevent the mine pumps being turned off.

The price of tin began to pick up in 1987; the mine opened once again. 

In January 1988 Geevor went back into production. This created about 200 jobs. Miners returned to work, production gradually increased, and by late autumn the mine was in profit. Sadly the optimism was short lived. The tin price fluctuated, rising to over £6,000 per tonne then dropping disastrously to well below £4,000. On February 16th 1990 Geevor went onto a ‘care and maintenance’ programme with only a few key staff remaining and most of the miners laid off.  A small income from underground tours and limited milling helped to sustain the maintenance of the mine.


Photograph reproduced with the kind permission of Mr John Peck held by the Geevor Archive

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