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K Gilbert (Financial Times 7th Dec 1985) - ‘If the mine has to close this place will be a ghost town. There’s nothing here apart from tin’. K Gilbert was Managing Director

D Alford (Western Morning News) – ‘If the tin mines shut, it will be the end of places like St Just and Pendeen because they will just become ghost towns’

‘At my age (55) I can’t see myself getting another job if the mine has to close, certainly not around here because the tin mine is the only thing in the area’.

Truro Liberal MP D Penhaligon  – ‘An outrage that the government can sit on their bottoms 300 miles away and make these decisions without any idea of what they are destroying’.

J Martin– ‘We went to work one morning and got in the dry and told don’t change yet […}. We didn’t know nothing about it not then and he [Ken Gilbert] come then and said mine shut, finished everybody go home so we got to clean out our lockers and take what we wanted and off we went’.

C Trembath– ‘Everyone was shocked because we thought when you come here to work you were here for life’.

Ian Davy– ‘Through the Union we’d never even negotiated a proper contract or redundancy package to the mine ‘cause we thought we were here for us, and our sons, and our sons’ sons’.

C Honey  – ‘At the end of the day Maggie Thatcher was in power and she wasn’t prepared to give us any money’. Some were in tears ‘cause they didn’t know what to do’ after working there since they were 14.

P Beck (Western Morning News 5th April 1986) – Most people are sickened at the mine closing down’.

Western Morning News 5th April 1986 – The anger is mostly directed outwards, at the Government, at the Metal Exchange or at competing producers like Indonesia.

J Hendy (Western Morning News 7th June 1986 – ‘The feeling at St Just is extremely bitter. The community is numb’.


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