Explore the Edge

Key Stage 2

Become a nature detective using your Explorer Pack to investigate the local natural environment, using senses to describe creatively the sounds, shapes, colours and textures you discover along the way. 

Aims of the Workshop:

  • To make use of observational skills and the senses to discover sounds, shapes, colours and textures around the trail
  • To question why different species lives where they do and how they have adapted to the  environment they live in
  • To gather impressions of the landscape and different habitats to create a multi-media piece of artwork

What happens on the day?

A sensory adventure, exploring the local natural environment in new and exciting ways, discover how the species that live here have adapted with the changing times and landscapes shaped by our mining history. As nature detectives using Explorer Packs you will undertake a series of activities leading you around the new Biodiversity Trail, using different senses to investigate the natural environment. You will have the opportunity to study different habitats, compare and discuss how species make the most of life on the edge. These activities will stimulate your senses and alter the way you see the natural environment, developing understanding of the diverse habitats and species here on the edge.

Using the activities and knowledge gathered you will develop your own impression of the landscape and habitats by investigating different materials, exploring shapes, textures and colours creating your own collage. Communicating ideas through a variety of techniques and mixed media and seeing how other artists have responded to the landscape. A brilliant opportunity to get creative and messy, producing a piece of ‘place inspired’ artwork!

Our Learning Team will lead the workshop sessions. The morning session is weather permitting; a similar alternative is available on the day if needed, although we will try and have some time outside regardless! The afternoon session is based inside the Education Room.

This cross-curricular workshop can be used as an introduction to a subject or to re-enforce what has already been covered, with a focus on the local environment. The workshop can be tailored to your requirements depending on the stage of your learning . The main themes link to Sc. 2B Plants and animals in the local environment, Sc. 2C Variation, Sc 4B Habitats, Sc. 6A Interdependence and adaption. As well as Art 2B Mother Nature, designer and Art 6C A sense of place. See downloads for further details on how this workshop links to QCA requirements.

Main themes: Science and Art

Accompanying Resources


For this workshop as an introduction to the site at Geevor, the standard Outreach would be suitable for this age group and available to local groups. A charge to cover petrol costs applies.

Loans Box:

To complement this workshop and the site visit to Geevor, the Mining History Loan Box introduces the basics of hard rock mining through both replica and genuine objects, photos and information.

Website Links:

See the top right hand side of this screen for related links on this website or explore topics for yourself.

More detail for teachers: 

Links to relevant downloadable pdfs can be found along the right of this page (scroll up). Further teaching resources, audios and photos can be downloaded from our Resource Bank.


For more information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact Geevor's Learning Team


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