Geevor Then and Now

This exhibition is now closed.

March 2009 - October 11th 2009.

Geevor then and now exhbition wall

Geevor Tin Mine has changed considerably over the years and today consists of over 40 site buildings. Some date back as far as the 1850s, whilst others were added as late as the 1980s. Hard Rock Museum was originally built as an engineers’ workshop in 1965. At the time it would never have been imagined that it would one day become a museum and gallery space.

We are fortunate that many photographs of the site taken over the years have survived. Our main sources are Geevor Tin Mines Ltd company photographs, and photos taken by the men and women who worked here.  Although not a complete record, these images provide a valuable visual history. This is the first time that some of these photographs from our archive have been displayed.

Geevor then and now highlights some of the changes that have taken place on the site over time. Each archive photograph has been closely researched and a 2009 shot has been taken from the same spot. In some cases very little has changed, in others, the buildings are completely different. Although our archive includes underground photographs, it is not possible to take comparable views today as the mine workings became flooded to sea level when the pumps were turned off in 1991.

We are always looking to add more photographs of Geevor or the local area to our archive. If you have any old photographs you would like to donate we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact Jo Warburton, Curator on 01736 788662

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