The Guidesfour of the Geevor guides

Donning blue hard hats and the Geevor Goat emblem on their overalls, the Geevor Guides are those on the frontline at Geevor when you visit.

guide demonstrating the shaking table in the Mill

The guides’ jobs are varied and include giving guided tours; talks; demonstrations; maintaining the machinery and underground sections; health and safety procedures; and generally running the public face of the site. They are also an important resource to finding out about all the authentic day-to-day experience of modern tin mining as many of the guides are ex-miners themselves and are able to share their own personal stories and anecdotes to all who will listen. They have informed the details in the new museum and all the interpretation on site and also form a direct link to the local community surrounding Geevor.

Browse our online resource bank for audio interviews of them and their jobs when Geevor was working, or talk to them on site!

guide telling a miners tale to a group of visitors

“The former Geevor miners who work on the site are certainly one of our greatest assets. The visitors really appreciate talking to people who worked underground and have both the knowledge and the natural skills to make their past lives come alive. It’s a rare skill, but as the years go by this personal contact will be lost – none of the ‘old timers’ are getting any younger. Lots of their knowledge and tales of life at Geevor when it was a working mine have been passed on to younger staff – they have always been very generous in sharing their experiences. A lot of their memories are permanently preserved through the Oral History Project, but when the last one leaves us, the site will be a poorer place.

In talking to people who worked at other Cornish mines, I’ve found that Geevor people had a reputation for their own strange and quirky sense of humour. You get a flavour of this in some of the graffiti that still exists. My own favourite is in the Mill: chalked up on a girder at least ten feet above the ground it says ‘Mind your head’.

After being involved with the site for around fourteen years, I know a little bit about mining. But most of my knowledge comes from the ex-Geevor people: it has been a huge privilege to have worked with them.”

Bill Lakin, Chair of Trustees



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Comment left by Beverley Peacock on 2015-06-06 19:04:25

our visit was made all the more special by the staff at the site. They where fantastic. As you say their knowledge is due to the fact they worked there and I take my hat of to them for doing the job they did. Yes it will be such a shame when they have gone. The dryroom was very touching and you got a feel for the life they led, you could almost here the laughs and jokes of the men who worked there. Well done for such a great tour.

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