With so much to see at Geevor it can be hard to know where to begin.  Geevor is much more than a mine. It is also the story of people and of a landscape.

Here are our top five suggestions to get you started:

1.      The Underground Tour


The underground tour takes you from the light into the dark, from the 20th century mine down into the early days of mining. In the Mexico shaft it is easy to image Victorian miners, men and boys, working long hard hours in the dark and cramped conditions.


2.      The Hard Rock Museum



Hard Rock Museum was opened in Oct 2008 and tells the story of mining at Geevor.


3.      The Dry


Take in the atmosphere and ambience of the miners dry, which has been left almost exactly as it was on the day the last working miner left.



4.      Looking Down Victory Shaft



Below the iconic headgear you can look down Victory shaft. Can you imagine travelling in one of those 'cages', or even climbing down ladders to the bottom of Victory Shaft 480 metres below?




5.      Mineral Panning


Panning can be found on the Tin Floors in the Mill. Have a go at this ancient method of prospecting for valuable heavy metals and you can keep anything you find!




Do you have any suggestions about what to see and do at Geevor? Let us know below:

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Comment left by me on 2010-03-01 18:38:13

this place is good =] But the panning is near impossible! Id hate to work as a miner, even doing that, fairly easy, work was hard!

Comment left by Polo on 2012-09-04 23:22:57

Climbing down the ladders to the bottom of Victory was a task carried out by several miners. The challenge was to see how quickly the ladders were climbed from bottom to top.


Comment left by james anthony on 2015-10-21 10:56:09

we have visited the mine several times and still find it very intersting


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