Loan Boxes

As well as themed workshops, Geevor can offer outreaches to your educational establishment and themed loan boxes of resources.

Themed boxes of resources, including genuine Geevor artefacts and suggested classroom activities that use them. These resources are designed to complement your chosen workshop, and can be borrowed for 2 weeks, free of charge, by any visiting educational group, subject to availability (we have a limited number of boxes!).


Range of Loan Boxes:

Title Contents Linked Workshop Suitable Age
Basil & Scraggs

Storybook. Hand puppet


(EYFS Curriculum Links here)

Mini-Miners! Foundation
Light & Dark Dark Den

Sensory activities

Light & Dark Foundation - KS 1 
Mining History

Genuine mining objects

Photos, replica clothing

All workshops KS 1 +
Virtual Loan Box Photos (click title for link) All workshops KS 1+
Explore the Edge Explorer bag* (*for use on Geevor's wildlife trail) Explore the Edge KS 1 & 2
Experiments with Rocks

Rock Samples

Materials for comparing basic rock properties

Mining History

Hard Rock Challenge* (*NB similar activities to workshop included in box)

KS 2
Domestic Victorian

Iron kettle; Codd bottle; wooden wash basin; butter pats, etc...

Historical clothing

(Mining History)  KS 2 +
Finding Your Way Underground

Maths Equipment

Replica Clothing

Time Capsule

Mining History

 KS 2 & 3 
Geology Rocks

Rock Samples

Photos. Geological map

 -  KS 3


If you wish to borrow a loans box for longer than 2 weeks, an extension may be granted in certain circumstances. Please discuss with the Learning Team when booking your visit. Often collecting or returning a loans box can coincide with an Outreach session, or site visit, to save borrowers an extra journey.

It is the borrowers’ responsibility to ensure the loans box is picked up and returned as agreed when originally booked, and to ensure boxes are returned with all contents intact. A charge may be incurred for damaged or missing objects.  

If you would like to borrow a loans box but you aren’t bringing a group onsite, please contact the Learning Team Manager to discuss arrangements. In some cases, a small borrowing charge may apply.


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