The Miners of Bolivia

This exhibition is now closed.

8th November 2011 - 6th Jan 2012

A photographic Exhibition by Jean-Claude Wicky

Geevor Tin Mine Museum is hosting the internationally renowned photographic exhibition "The Miners of Bolivia". This will be an excellent chance for people in the local area and those visiting Geevor to discover what mining means to people in the high Andes, in the heart of South America, and how this relates to the struggles of miners across the world.

Bill Lakin, Chair of Trustees at Geevor, said: "I was astonished by the haunting photography of Jean-Claude Wicky. The similarities between the miners of Bolivia today and those of Cornwall generations ago is remarkable. No one can fail to be moved by this stunning exhibition."



"This piece of work is my song friendship to the people of Bolivia and all those whose daily work consists of seeking their destiny in the depths of the earth."

"In my laboratory, each photograph which appears slowly in the developing tray reminds me of a story: of solidarity, affection, friendship, generosity and hospitality.  After having seen the wounds of the metal on these bodies, covered in dust and sweat, sometimes I ask myself who natural resources belong to and to whom human suffering belongs..."

Jean-Claude Wicky


This exhibition has been made possible through the work of the Durham Miners' Association, the Bolivia Information Forum and Union, Solidarity International and the collaboration of photographer Jean-Claude Wicky.

For more information please contact:

Nick Thomas


Phone 01736 788662

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Comment left by peter gray on 2012-01-08 00:28:00

As moving and photographically brilliant as the photos are the film accompanying them is outstanding and gives the photographs an even greater dimension and intensity.

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