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 “Inspirational Cornwall”

A few notes from the artist Anita Shaw,
Originally from the Midlands, I have lived in Penzance and have been exploring Cornwall for the last thirty years. I went to college at Penwith and Camborne, gaining my HNC in Art and Graphic Design in 1999.
When I first moved here, I fell in love with Cornwall and I am constantly astounded by the beauty of the land and seascapes. When sitting on a cliff, looking at a stunning view, I often think about sharing that view with other people.
Sometimes it is the colours, sometimes it is the light and shadows. Usually it is the need to capture that view and to put it on paper. I wish to capture every detail and the subject matter dictates the medium that I will work with.
The picture taken from Caravaggio entitled “Supper at Emmaus” was my first inspiration for the use of charcoal. Caravaggio was a master in his use of light and during my drawing I learnt so much about light and shadows but also about just what can be achieved with charcoal. I like to try different mediums and subjects as a challenge to myself.
For the past two years I have been producing a body of work for this exhibition. The inspiration came initially from the mines, but I also wanted to include the miners themselves hence my depiction of the miners’ statue. I felt the need to include people who helped the miners and the industry so included Richard Trevithick and Sir Humphry Davy.
This exhibition is a collection of my artwork to date, going back to my college days. The title came about because ever since I have lived in Cornwall I have been inspired to put the images I see down on paper and share them with others.

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