Website Accessibility

Much care has been taken to make this website accessible to disabled users including implementing the following functionality:

Access Keys

Most browsers support jumping to specific links by typing keys defined on the web site. On Windows, you can press ALT + an access key; on Macintosh, you can press Ctrl + an access key.

All pages on this site define the following access keys:

  • Access key 1: Home page
  • Access key 2: Skip the Main Navigation and go straight to the page content
  • Access key 3: See the contents of the site on the Sitemap
  • Access key 0: Accessibility page

Navigation Aids

All pages have a rel=home, contents and help link to aid navigation in text only browsers.

Visual Design

This site uses only relative font sizes, compatible with the user specified "text size" option in visual broswers.


All images have an alt tag in case images have been turned off on the browser.

Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) Validation

This website complies with the accessibility guidelines set out for users with disabilities:

Valid XHTML 1.0 TransitionalLevel Double-A conformance icon,W3C-WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 Valid CSS!