Primary School Group Workshops

school group in the Mill looking at the shaking table

Pick one of our themed, cross-curricular workshops and let us organise your day for you.

Geevor’s Learning Team have developed a flexible timetable of activities for school group visits that aims to make the best use of your time at Geevor, whilst still giving you the option to choose a workshop of most relevance to you and your students.

A typical day at Geevor could look like this:

10.00am - Arrival & introduction

10.15am - Hand-drilling & Rock-Crushing Session

10.45am - Guided tour of selected surface buildings

11.15am - YOUR CHOSEN WORKSHOP (see options below)

12.00pm - Lunch, either indoors or outdoors

12.30pm - Tour of Processing Mill & Shaking Table Demonstration

1.00pm - Underground Tour & Panning for Gems

2.00pm - Conclusion & Departure

Choose from the selection of interactive workshops, shown below, and let us organise your day's activities for you, facilitating new and exciting ways for your students engage with the site. 

All timings and activities are flexible and can be tailored to suit your students' particular learning needs and travel requirements. To discuss options, or for more information visit out F.A.Q.'s page or please contact Geevor’s Learning Team on or give us a ring 01736 788662.



Humphry Davy's Light Fantastic

Key Stage 2Click to see a larger version of this image

What was it like to work in the darkness of a mine tunnel? How did miners overcome the problem of darkness in the mine? 

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Full Steam Ahead with Richard Trevithick

Key Stage 2

Click to see a larger version of this image

Explore Cornish industry and invention as you step into the shoes of great machine maker and problem solver Richard Trevithick. How would you solve mining's toughest engineering problems? 

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Hard Rock Challenge!

Key Stage 2

Click to see a larger version of this imageDo you know your granite from your tin? Take on the Hard Rock Challenge and discover that not all rocks are hard and grey! Uncover the fascinating world that lies beneath your feet...

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It's a Hard Rock Life!

Key Stages 1&2

Click to see a larger version of this imageExamines the roles that children, men and women had in mining and how it affected their lives. Compare Victorian period mining with modern.

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Explore the Edge

Key Stage 2

Click to see a larger version of this imageBecome a nature detective using your Explorer Pack to investigate the local natural environment, using senses to describe creatively the sounds, shapes, colours and textures you discover along the way. 

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Early Years 3-5yrs

Click to see a larger version of this imageSpecially designed outreach activities including our Big Book “Basil and Scraggs Go underground at Geevor” introduce mining themes to children’s imaginations and sets them up for a great day out at Geevor

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Time Capsule

Year 5 & 6

Click to see a larger version of this imageFollow the miners' trail and solve their clues to unlock their Time Capsule and explore its intriguing contents left behind decades ago...

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