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Open Sunday to Thursday 9 am to 5 pm

Easter Events

Easter Holidays 30th March to 17th April

 Monday to Friday throughout Easter Holidays:-

Puppets and Music

Sunday 5th and Sunday 12th April 12.30pm in the miners Dry:-

Geevor Talks

New– Wedsnesday 8th April throughout the day:-

Blacksmithing Demonstrations

Also we shall run on suitable days:-

Drilling and mucking demonstrations

Blacksmith demonstrations

Geevor's forge fires up.

For the first time in nearly 40 years the fires are lit in Geevor’s forge that was originally used in the process of refurbishing mining equipment.

Watch the sparks fly as our blacksmith wields his hammer to  demonstrate traditional methods of shaping and forging metals.

Miners Talks

Miners Talks in the miners changing room called the Dry.

Hear first hand accounts and anecdotes from our Geevor miners.

Drilling and mucker demonstrations

See and hear original underground mine equipment powered by compressed air drilling rock and mechanical shovels in action called muckers at Geevor.

Music and Puppets

Listen to Cornish songs played by Marc and accompanied by his dancing puppets.

Panning for Gems

As always included in your entry ticket -search for colourful gemstones in our panning tables.