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Winder House

close up of winder

There are two winders at Geevor which were used to haul cages of men and skips of ore up Victory shaft. 

The most recent winder is electric and was able to hoist a cage from the bottom of the shaft to the surface in one and a half minutes.   The older winder ran off steam. It is the larger of only two complete horizontal winders left in Cornwall. The electric winder inside replaced the old twin-cylinder steam winder in August 1954. The Control and brake gear are housed in a basement below the winding drums. The steam winding engine still stands on its original concrete loadings, it continued to be used as a back up to the electric winder, when ropes needed to be changed. The Winder driver had a crucial job and communicated with the miners at the shaft using bell signals.


 Photograph reproduced with the kind permission of Pat Comber

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