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What's Here

Wheal Mexico Underground Mine

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This is your chance to go underground and walk through the tunnels that were made by men and boys two hundred years ago!  Wheal Mexico dates back to the 18th century, and during your trip you will get the experience of being in a real mine.

Mineral Panning in the Mill

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Have a go at panning for ‘gold’ and a collection of colourful gemstones. Fun for all ages! Keep what you find for free!

Hard Rock Museum

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The Hard Rock Museum at Geevor is home to fascinating exhibits about metal mining in Cornwall.

Victory Shaft

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Victory Shaft was the main hoisting shaft at Geevor for men, materials and rock.

The Dry

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The Dry is one of the most evocative and moving experiences of your visit to Geevor. Experience the atmosphere of the change room, left almost exactly as it was on the day that the miners came up to surface for the last time in 1990.

Explore the Mine

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Geevor is the largest preserved mining site in the country, the key centre within the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site. Come and explore the many buildings such as the Winder and Compressor Houses with their magnificent mining machinery. The Mill buildings contain unique mining equipment that was used to process the rock brought up from underground to produce the precious tin concentrate that Geevor sold.


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The shop at Geevor stocks a large range of quality items, and many of these are made in Cornwall. Take home a souvenir of your day out!

Eat and Drink

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Come and visit our café with its stunning views of the Cornish coastline. Whatever you order, you’re sure to enjoy!

Latest News

Posted 20/07/21  |  Events

Crosscut by James Barber

Crosscut is a multisensory, otherworldly experience that immerses the audience in the sights, sounds and atmosphere of the subterranean world of mining.

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Posted 26/05/21  |  News

3D VR Accessibility

Virtual reality tours offer accessibility breakthrough at Cornish World Heritage Site

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