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We are open Sundays to Fridays from 9am to 5pm

Plan your Educational Visit

Geevor’s Learning Team were awarded the Sandford Award for Heritage Education in 2007, 2012, 2017 and again in 2022, with each award being valid for a period of five years, ‘in recognition of their outstanding contribution to education and learning within the historic environment’. The latest report concluded “This was one of the best school visits I have ever seen”, Lead Judge, Robin Clutterbuck. The Team also hold the Learning Outside the Classroom badge of quality.

Education groups to Geevor enjoy a discounted admission; in addition supervising adults/group leaders have free admission.

Primary School Workshops

Geevor’s offers an array of opportunities to cover Cornwall’s mining industry and its impact on the world. A typical day at Geevor runs from 10 am to 2 pm with a lunch room provided. The day includes hand-drilling and rock-crushing sessions, a tour of the processing mill, an underground tour of the mine and an chance to pan for gems.



Secondary School Workshops

We offer a bespoke service for our secondary school groups, helping you to use the site as inspiration for long term projects. Geevor is a cross-curricular site and encompasses topics such as the industrial revolution, social history and environmental science. Topics as broad as Music, Design & Technology, Art, English and Geography can be applied onsite.

Short-term work experience placements are available each year for students to get involved in the different aspects of the working site as a whole and behind-the-scenes.

For further information about how we can assist you in organising a visit to Geevor for Key Stage 3, College and University groups, please contact the Learning Team. Please also visit the ‘Our Workshops’ (link at bottom of this page) for further information.

Contact the Learning Team

01736 788662



 For educational groups of 10 or more children, the cost is £5.85 per child. Accompanying adults go free of charge. The cost includes a group discount, a free pre-visit for the teacher to allow planning, use of a lunch room and access to a loans box.

Adult to Child Ratios

Foundation/Early Years
Reception Class 1 adult: 3 students
KS1: Years 1-2 students 1 adult: 6
KS2: Years 3-6 students 1 adult: 8
KS3: Years 7+ students 1 adult: 10
Our Workshops

Transport costs

We love it down here but we know we can be hard to get to and costs are an issue. Our lovely partners at the Cornwall Heritage Trust often help schools with the transport costs. The application is straight forward and can be found here on their Transport Grants page and while you are there explore the Cornwall Heritage Trust site. They're lovely!

Outreach Activities

A member of the Learning Team at Geevor Tin Mine is happy to come to visit your school and deliver a session.

We will come along with genuine mining artefacts, and deliver a session exploring these objects, dressing up in mining clothes and discussing life as a miner. Each session lasts approximately one hour.

We can offer these activities for Early Years groups and KS1 and KS2 groups – please contact the Learning Team for further information, including details of costs. We are also happy to discuss bespoke and special arrangements for outreach activity,

Wheal Mexico

Geological Features

Underground contact point between granite and killas (Cornish word for metamorphic rock of sedimentary origin)

Lode structure in Mexico Shaft

Granite formation in Wheal Mexico


Loan Boxes

As well as our onsite activities, Geevor can also offer outreach activities – this includes schools and colleges borrowing a loan box.

A loan box is a themed box of resources, including genuine Geevor artefacts and accompanying classroom activities. It is designed to compliment your chosen workshop on site and allows you to continue studying the topic after you’ve visited us.

Loan boxes can be borrowed, free of charge, by any visiting educational group for a period of up to two weeks.

For more information on the loan boxes we have available, please contact the Learning Team.