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Welcome to Geevor's Classroom

Virtual Loans Box

A virtual loans box containing photographs and explanations of tools and clothes used in and on the surface of Cornish mines. There are also images of rock samples, bal maidens at work and miners underground at Geevor.

Mining History Vitual Loans Box

John's First Day Mining

A short account of a child's first experience of work in a Cornish mine.

John’s first day down the mine

Martha's Day as a Bal Maiden

Martha gives a short account of life working on the surface of a Cornish mine.

A Day in the Life of Martha the Bal-Maiden

The Rock Cycle

An explanation of different types of rocks; igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary, and how they are formed.

The Rock Cycle


Fun and creative activities to support your learning.

Two men discussing information on a whiteboardGeevor Wordsearch

Engine House Template


A simple explanation of the layout of Geevor's underground with Learning Manager Clint Hosking. Robert De Niro was not available.