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We are open Sundays to Fridays from 9am to 5pm

Our Privacy Policy

Who we are:

Pendeen Community Heritage

Geevor Tin Mine Museum




TR19 7EW

Pendeen Community Heritage is a registered charity and our registration number is 1087755.

Geevor Trading Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pendeen Community Heritage which operates our shop with all profits Gift-aided to the charity.

At Pendeen Community Heritage/ Geevor Trading Limited we are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of all our staff, members, visitors and suppliers with regards to the personal information we may have in our possession.

What information do we collect about you?

We collect personal data from our staff and information that our visitors and suppliers may volunteer.

Personal information may include:

  • Your name, title, gender and date of birth
  • Employment information
  • Postal address, email address and telephone numbers
  • Gift Aid information
  • Membership details
  • Direct Debit bank details
  • Records of invoices and payments
  • On line retail purchases
  • Details of correspondence sent to you or received from you

When we ask you to provide your personal information we will let you know why we are asking and how we will use your data. We may direct you towards this notice.

What we do with your information

Depending on your relationship with Pendeen Community Heritage/ Geevor Trading Ltd., the data we hold may be used by us for the following purposes:

  • Staff salary payments and holiday entitlements. Staff may request access to the information that the company hold about them. The data controller will aim to provide the relevant data within 14 days.
  • Gift Aid returns. The visitor completes the Gift Aid declaration. The completed forms are securely stored. The details are logged onto a password-protected laptop which is stored in a locked safe in the locked strong room. Access is restricted to the Gift Aid processor. Claims are made via the HMRC website on the finance computer (password-protected and single person processor). Successful claims are stored in a locked room for a period of 7 years as per HMRC regulations.
  • Visitor Questionnaires. Visitors are encouraged to fill out a questionnaire about their visit and to provide an email address if they wish to be kept informed about future developments at Geevor. On completion of the questionnaire the visitor posts it into a locked container. The container is regularly emptied by the data processor and the questionnaires returned to the reception office. Details of the visit and any email addresses are logged onto a password-protected computer.

Email addresses as willingly provided are used as the means of sending news of any upcoming events that may be of potential interest.

  • Details of members (names and address) are stored on a password-protected computer in the reception office. Access is restricted to the data processor. This data is used to send annual reminders to members for renewal of their membership and to invite members to any special events that may be of interest to members.

Who we might share your information with

Pendeen Community Heritage/ Geevor Trading Limited do not disclose your personal data with any third party other than data processors working on our behalf (such as ‘Mail chimp’ that send out our newsletter on our behalf).

Staff and visitors can be confident that their personal data is safe within our organisation.