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We are open Sundays to Fridays from 9am to 5pm

Our Workshops

Geevor Tin MIne

A Case Study

Geevor's place in Cornwall's rich history uniquely places it as a Key Centre for learning in the World Heritage Site. We provide a flexible approach to onsite workshops and outreach sessions. Topics we frequently cover include

Cornish Mining from the Bronze Age to future mining opportunities

The Rock Cycle and uses of minerals

The Industrial Revolution

Life as a Cornish Miner past and present

Cornish Culture and its global impact through mining

We even have a YouTube channel and here is a rather irreverent film of what we can offer.

For further information or to make a booking please do not hesitate to contact the Learning Team at Geevor Tin Mine

01736 788662


Geevor and Levant Mines

Visit both sites with Geevor's Learning Team

For Schools who are National Trust members we have worked in partnership with Levant Mine to provide joint site visits.

This workshop provides an opportunity to compare 19th and 20th century mining by walking in the footsteps of the miners and bal maidens themselves.

The workshop includes a morning at Geevor with an opportunity to pan for gems, hand drilling, visit the miners’ Dry and go underground in Wheal Mexico.

The afternoon at Levant we can explore the winder, the steam powered beam engine and visit Man Engine Shaft.

Geography Field Trip Centre

Geevor continues to be a vital resource to Key Stage 3, College and University Students. We have developed one and two day Geography Field Trips in partnership with professors and lecturers to ensure a high a standard throughout.

Below is a video made by Exeter University showcasing Geevor Tin Mine as a Geography Field Trip Centre.

Geography Field Trip

Carnyorth Education Centre/Aspire

Outreach sessions at Carnyorth Outdoor Centre

Geevor is featured as part of the itinerary for schools staying at the Carnyorth Education Centre. We are able to provide outreach sessions at the Centre including a pre-visit artefact handling session as well as a session based on Cornish music.

Both session last approximately 45 mins and cost £50 (EXC VAT)

Outreach Sessions

We can provide outreach sessions in school before your site visit. This will provide students with an opportunity to get hands on with tools, clothes, equipment, rock samples, photographs, maps and plans all delivered by a member of Geevor's Learning Team.

The session last for approximately one hour and costs £50 (Exc VAT) to schools within 30 miles of Geevor Tin Mine. We are able to cater to schools further away for an additional cost depending on distance.

Talks for interest groups

Geevor's Learning Team continues to provide talks for the Women's Institute, U3A, Probus and Old Cornwall Societies.

The presentation lasts for approximately one hour and costs £50 (Exc VAT) within 30 miles of Geevor Tin Mine. We are able to cater to groups further away for an additional cost depending on distance.