The Wendron Mining District

The Wendron Mining District A4 Medlyn copyright B Gamble at Cornwall Council

The Wendron Area has a history of tin production stretching back into antiquity. 

The earliest known lease for water-driven crushing stamps relating to here in 1493. Within the area of the Carnmenellis granite mass, Wendron is today best known for Poldark Mine the location of the former Wheal Roots which has its origins in the eighteenth century. This is the primary visitor centre for the Area which also has displays of mining equipment and machinery. It is also the site of the Greensplatt beam engine, relocated from the china clay district near St Austell, which was the last engine to pump commercially in Cornwall.

The early beam engine house at Wheal Ann to the north is also noteworthy due to its possible associations with James Watt. The relative lightness of construction of the bob wall, which supported the engine beam, suggests the use of one of timber construction, standard at the time of Watt in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, as opposed to cast iron which became the norm subsequently.

Photograph reproduced with the kind permission of B Gamble at Cornwall Council

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