Come to Geevor, the largest preserved mine site in the country. Experience the conditions that miners endured and see the machinery and tools that they used to win tin from the ground.

Explore the Hardrock museum with its interactive displays, oral histories and a cinema.


Enter the Dry were you can experience the atmosphere of the change room and read the about the jobs men were required to do.

 Walk down through the surface processing plant and see the machinery that separates the tin from waste rock.

 Arriving on the Tin floors you will be taken through ancient workings discovered underneath the surface,

On the way up from the mine make sure you visit  the Holman collection and imerse yourself in artifacts and recreations from a bygone age. 

Start or end your visit by sampling the homemade fare in the warm comfort of the Count House Cafe.

The shop has a large range of gifts,books and jewellery.


 Rising majestically, the relics of former mining can be seen  amidst the stunning cliff top scenery just a short walk away from Poldark's Wheal Leisure! 

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