Explore the Mine

miners clothes hanging in the dry

There's lots to see and do at Geevor.

Once you are here, what should you definitely not miss?  We recommend a full day for your visit but you might not have that long so here are some of the must-sees at Geevor!

Going Underground

You want to: experience mining first hand

The Geevor guides will take you around the workings, sharing their mining experiences with you. Get coated up and keep your hard hats on as you go from the 20th century mine down into the early days of mining.

Key areas: Underground


Heavy Machinery

You want to: discover cogs and wheels and big things

The processing mill, compressor and winder house offer an incredibly visual and atmospheric illustration of physical and material processes, both past and present.  Take a look in the drill shop to see how drill bits were re-sharpened and stand under the iconic Victory Headgear.  There is mining machinery everywhere you look.

Key areas: Compressor House, Winder House, Mill, Drill Shop, Victory Shaft


See the Whole Site

You want to: discover the whole Geevor story

Don your hard hat and sturdy boots, Geevor is over 2 acres, so there's a lot to see. Start in the colourful and interactive Hard Rock Museum, which will introduce you to the rest of the site.  Then explore over twenty mine buildings which all add a little bit more to the Geevor story.  Go underground, and wander along the cliff path and see what mining did to the wildlife on the edge.

Key areas: ALL!


The Miner's story

You want to: find out what life was like as a miner

Discover what a miner's daily work life was like, starting in the Dry where miners changed into their underground clothes. Walk down to the shaftbank and discover how good the first aid and rescue teams were. We don’t want any accidents underground! And finally travel through the 18th Century underground to see what the conditions were like for the early miners.

Key areas: Mines Rescue, First Aid Room, Victory Shaftbank, Dry, Underground


Collections King

You want to: see the collections

Explore Geevor’s diverse collections which are spread all over the site. The collections cover all aspects of Cornish tin mining and life in the local communities, From large industrial buildings and machinery to rocks and minerals and social history objects.

Key areas: Hard Rock Museum and Gallery, Holmans Collection


Mineral Collector

You want to: explore the ground beneath our feet

Discover spectacular and unusual minerals in the Peninsula of Minerals gallery.  Followed by the incredibly atmospheric processing Mill where you can see, hear and smell the processes used to obtain tin.

Key areas: Peninsula of Minerals gallery in Hard Rock Museum, Mill


Get Interactive

You want to: get hands on

The Hard Rock Museum is full of puzzles and challenges for you to try.  In the processing gallery you can turn handles to see how the jaw crushers crushed and guess the smell from some of the smelliest parts of the mine. Try your hand a mineral panning on the Tin Floors, see what minerals you can find and then head underground to see, hear, smell and feel what mining was really like.

Key areas: Processing gallery in Hard Rock Museum, Tin Floors, Underground


Find out more

You want to: know everything about Geevor

There is so much of Geevor’s past that we just don’t have room to display on site.  Our website is a good place to start to discover all the information that Geevor has on Cornish Mining, and the local mining communities.  Find out all about Bal Maidens, mossel time, explosives and mining under the sea! And that’s just the beginning!

Key areas: Explore online


Blow Away the Cobwebs

You want to: get a breath of fresh air

Its hard to escape the sense of being exposed to the elements at Geevor.  Facing the Atlantic, a landscape clings to the cliff edge battered by the wind and sea. Wander along the cliff path and follow the Wildlife on the Edge trail and experience a range of wildlife unique to this mining a coastal landscape. Pick up a leaflet from the Geevor Shop.

Key areas: Cliff path, Wildlife on the Edge trail


What is your favourite thing to do at Geevor?  What makes it Your Mine?


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Comment left by Joe butler on 2010-10-02 00:01:59

I like history, engineering, mechanics and oh yes Cornwall. Came here with my son, it was quite incredible ! Enjoyed every part. But the shafts go over a mile out to sea. Scary stuff if you are a miner. The mine was great, just wished it was a little longer, but I really enjoyed the long chat with a real miner at the end of the mine shaft.... 10/10 must go visit. Easily spend 4 hours.

Comment left by Val Simpkin on 2011-01-15 00:28:32

My husband and I visited Geevor on our honeymoon, way back in 1990, when the mine was temporarily mothballed. It was a wonderful underground tour then, so can imagine how much more there is to see and do now. Not sure when we'll get back to Cornwall (we're in Lancashire) but when we do, we'll definitely be making a return visit. It holds special memories.


Comment left by Natalie on 2011-03-02 23:11:18

If you do one thing in Cornwall visit Geevor. There are so many different attractions to look at, the guides (ex-miners) are brilliant and give you loads of info and make it interesting and humerous, the tour of the old mine really brings home the conditions that the miners worked in. Make sure you visit the changing rooms where the lockers and their contents have been left by the miners as they were when the mine closed - a really poignant exhibition piece/time capsule - beats any modern art mock up. Well worth a visit.


Comment left by Luc Verhoeyen on 2011-07-27 15:59:34

As a Belgian, it was really special to learn about a mine with a big part under the sea. In my country we knew coal-mines but this was something else. lovely like the guide who was an ex-miner loved to explain everything to us. Thanks for the great time.


Comment left by George Wood on 2011-09-18 05:09:35

My first visit to Geevor was shortly after its closure, but before the pumps were switched off. Going down the shaft and then the train ride down the sub incline plane is a memory I'll not forget.


Comment left by Philip Dumelow on 2015-04-13 19:11:32

We too visited Geevor on our honeymoon in 1990, shortly after extraction had stopped & the mine was on "care & maintenance". We were shown around the mine, left as it was when work stopped, by the miners themselves. I found going down the incline plane very moving: as a civil engineer I knew how much effort it had taken. I hope that one day the price of tin will rise and the mine can be pumped out and the ore that's there won.


Comment left by Mark Townsend on 2015-08-09 19:16:01

Don't visit Cornwall without a visit to Geevor. It's OK looking at the old beam engine houses and the dramatic landscape of Cornwall but learning about what went on underground brings that all to life. What Geevor does best is it gives you an insight into not only the mechanics of mining but the personal stories of the minors themselves. You might not be interested but by the end of your visit you will.


Comment left by Paul Tyrrell on 2017-01-07 04:10:39

While backpacking through Europe in late 1973, I found myself in Pendeen and looking for adventure someone suggested I apply for work at the Geevor Mine. Next thing I knew, I was toiling in the mines for 2 months (Dec/73-Jan/74). Fantastic experience looking back at it now but at around the middle of Jan, I decided to head back home (Toronto, Canada) and get an education. After a Google search and finding this site, it sure brought back memories.


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