Volunteer at Geevor Tin Mine Museum

volunteers working on the Cousin Jack Exhibition

We simply could not run many of our projects without the support of volunteers. Although we have a group of regular volunteers, we are always looking to expand our team and our projects.

As a volunteer you would be joining a fantastically friendly and dynamic team engaged in a wide range of different projects to help preserve record and interpret the many different collections and stories held here at Geevor. Training and support is given to all our volunteers, protective clothing is provided for the relevant projects and we reimburse all travel costs. We provide free tea and coffee!

If you are interested in volunteering, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact Nick Thomas, Assistant Curator, on 01736 788662 or nick@geevor.com  

Our current volunteer projects at Geevor are:

  • The Oral History Project. Since 2002, Geevor has been compiling an oral record of miners, surface workers and other member of the local community. Our volunteers record these fascinating memories, stories and anecdotes.
  • Working with the Learning Team. Our hugely successful and award-winning education department is ably assisted by a small number of volunteers. Helping with school groups and holding workshops and out-reach visits; this is an engaging and rewarding volunteer opportunity.
  • Gallery Guides. In our summer season Geevor is visited by very large numbers of people. Always hungry for more information, we would like to have guides in our brand new museum to welcome the visitors and tell them a little more of the story of hard rock mining and in particular the tale of Geevor itself.
  • Event Supervisors. Our event program is constantly expanding and we are on the lookout for volunteers wishing to get involved in supervising events such as: hand-drilling (an old form of drilling blasting holes), art projects or even storytelling to our younger visitors.
  • Trail Guides. Geevor is a huge site and criss-crossing the mine are numerous footpaths and trails. We are looking for some daring individuals to help visitors discover the less visited areas of the site by leading walks round our wildlife and industrial history trails. Enjoy rare flora and fauna and stunning Atlantic views.

Future projects include:

  • Object cataloguing and restoration. Geevor has a collection of many thousands of objects in need of cataloguing and conservation. From boxes of bolts to vast rock crushing machines they all need listing with their locations and possibly a loving application of oil or a gentle removal of rust to keep them preserved for future generations. Many of these items are unique and some still bolted to the floor of the mine mill where they worked for many years and some still do.