The Geevor Archive

the geevor archive. map showing Geevor and North Levant mines underground levels

When Geevor was operating as a working tin mine, it generated and kept a vast quantity of paperwork. The information contained in this company archive is extremely valuable to us and now forms the archive of Geevor Tin Mine Museum.

Examples of the contents of the archive are:

  • Employment records

  • Production figures

  • Health and safety reports, including accident and radiation reports

  • Historical documents for Geevor

  • Equipment purchasing and operating instructions

This archive is currently being catalogued by a team of dedicated volunteers. If you are considering volunteering at Geevor and would like to find out more, please contact Nick Thomas, Assistant Curator, on 01736 788662  or refer to our 'Volunteer' webpage

If there is something in particular you would like to see or enquire about within the archive, please contact Nick Thomas, Assistant Curator, on 01736 788662, or print out and post the form to request an appointment also available in the Resource Bank under teaching resources. 

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