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Crosscut by James Barber

Crosscut is a multisensory, otherworldly experience that immerses the audience in the sights, sounds and atmosphere of the subterranean world of mining.

Posted 16/04/19  |  Events

A Site Responsive Installation

Can now be viewed by appointment only.
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 The viewer will experience the sensation of standing at the edge of a mineshaft looking down into an abyss that becomes alive with visual and audio fragments of authentic, mining knowledge and memories; some unusual and surreal, but none the less real.

The term ‘crosscut’ refers to a tunnel that spans a mine’s network, supplying material from deep underground for extraction to the surface. The installation Crosscut presents excavated recollections within a hybrid space, a fusion of contemporary art and history that transcends the traditional museum display.

Cornish artist James Barber has spent the last year engaging with Geevor’s mineworkers past and present, their families and extended community. He has documented these conversations, and responded to the site and his own subterranean experience.

Here is a snippet of the embedded audio:-


Wonderfully evocative piece of work. Thank you James.

Ann and Tony Frost

Great Exhibition!! Brought back so many memories, good or bad thinking of lost friends.

Vaughn Curnow ex Geevor miner