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We are open Sundays to Fridays from 9am to 5pm

Geevor Films

These films provide an insight to how the mine worked with many of them featuring former miners sharing their experiences. Some are just for fun. Geevor also has a YouTube channel

Geevor's underground layout

Brief explanation by Clint from Geevor's Learning Team

A Miner's Day

Former miner, Grant gives a ten minute insight into a Geevor miner's day

Holman's Rock Drills

Grant returns to talk about these awesome machines!

The Rock Cycle and Tin Lode Formation

Geevor's Principal Minerals

Former Geevor Sampler, Colin takes us through Geevor's economic ores

Crib Time with Ed Rowe

Actor and Cornish legend Ed Rowe chats with some former miners at Geevor where crib was called mossel.

Miners answer children's questions

Steve and Grant answer questions sent in from school children

Cornwall My Home

A lovely song written by Harry Glasson that mentions Geevor 'performed' by some of the staff here at Geevor

Steve and Grant Quizzed Again

School children quiz our former miners once again